Electric bikes are now commonplace in many cities across the US! Competitive pricing between brands means sacrifices are made in component quality. Many feel that stock seats are a real pain after a only few miles. Stock foams are sometimes too soft or too firm for many people’s preferences. Scroll down to see our options! UPDATE: ALL OUR LEATHERS ARE NOW IMPORTED FROM ECUADOR. HIGHER QUALITY AND DURABLE FOR YOUR EBIKE SEAT! For all our seats, we use a new high-density foam that feels sturdy yet comfortable. Starting with a large slab, we sculpt it by hand to replicate the original seat’s shape. We have softer foam available if your seat is too firm.

What Ebikes/Moped Seats Do You Work On?

We work on all types of “padded” seats including:
  • Juiced Bikes ™- Scramber & Hyper Scrambler Series, Scorpion & HyperScorpion
  • ONYX Motorbikes ™ – RCR & CTY
  • Super 73 Series ™
  • Luna Banana BBSHD & Sur-Ron Bikes ™
  • Zugo Rhino ™
  • Unimoke ™
  • Mario Ebikes ™
  • Ariel Rider D-Class ™
  • Monday Motorbikes ™
  • SUR-RON X Bike ™ 
  • Older gas powered mopeds ie. Puch™, Tomos™
If you don’t see your bike listed, send us an email. We’re currently making wood seat bases for Juiced Scrambler™, Ariel D Class™, Scorpion™/HyperScorpion™, seats with a weather resistant fabric underneath. The screws and hex nut installation is included. 

“Good work ain’t cheap, cheap work ain’t good.” – Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins

Materials & Thread Color

Genuine leather available in (Click Thumbnail) In synthetic leather we offer (Click Thumbnail)
  • Other colors available upon request.
In Nylon stitching thread
  • Black
  • White
  • Off-White
  • Fire Red
  • Brown
  • Brick Red
  • Navy
  • Royal Blue
  • Lime Green

What styles are offered?

Stock Seat & Tall Seat

If you’re over 200lbs or over have an inseam over 32 inches, for an extra $15 you’ll enjoy extra padding in our “Tall Seat” option. Additionally, pedal assist will be easier when your legs are extended a little more.

Stitching Patterns (Click Thumbnail)

We’ll expand our list as we produce more.

What’s the turnaround time?

By placing a deposit, we’ll reserve fabric and cut foam for your seat, so when your seat arrives we can work on it. Currently, there is a 3 week turnaround for seats.  Once your seat is on deck, we finish it in 4-6 days provided we have your fabric and thread. We recommend shipping using USPS™ Priority Service or UPS. We cut the fabric needed for your seat the same day the purchase is made.

Pricing Options

UPDATED 11/11/2020
  • Standard Cafe Racer  w/Synthetic Leather & NEW Foam  (No base incl.) – $185
  • Scorpion/HS Seat w/Synthetic Leather (Incl. Tall Seat/No base incl.) – $195
Add -On Features:
  • Imported Genuine Leather – $40
  • Double (Parallel lines) Stitching – $15
  • Piping (Upper or Lower Edge)- $15
  • Taller Seat Option – $20
  • Diamond Pattern Stitching (Top Only) – $15 /  Diamond Stitch (All Sides) – $40
  • New Wood Seat Base (Including Galvanized Screws & Hex Nuts) – $40
  • Lowered Height Designs / Extended Seat / Brat Seat / Moto Seat Styles – $45
*Group discounts for 3 seats or more. Must be placed on a single order*


Let’s order one!

Once you’ve made a choice, make a purchase at the bottom of the page. Email us the information below in the blue font.
  • Name
  • Your Shipping Address
  • Phone Number & Email Address
  • What Ebike You Have (If Juiced Scrambler, take a picture of the front of the seat)
  • How You Heard About Us
  • Top Seat Pattern
  • Material Choice
  • Thread Color
  • Stock Height or Taller Height 
We take the following payment methods. Username is in parenthesis.
  • Venmo™ (sguznay86) / Zelle™ (sguznay86@yahoo.com) /CashApp™ ($sguznay86) / Paypal™ (sguznay86@yahoo.com)
You’ll receive an email of you work order and we’ll keep you updated on the progress of the seat. Also we’re glad to announce that we’ve opened up a commercial business account with Shipping Easy. SE_FeatureBanner_template
This means cheaper ground shipping rates for all our customers while providing tracking info through UPS or USPS. Each day we’re finding new ways to get seats into the hands of the customers in speedy and economical way!
*Service only in the continental U.S*

Mail your seat to:

Saul’s Upholstery – ATTN: Saul J., 44 W Passaic Avenue, Bloomfield, NJ 07003

45 Day – Limited Warranty & Returns

We guarantee high quality in our work, however we understand mistakes happen. This Limited Warranty applies only to ebike seat upholstery services purchased through Saul’s Upholstery & Drapery (NJ). This Limited Warranty covers any defects in the material or workmanship (material/seat base/nuts & bolts) under normal use during the “Warranty Period”. At our discretion, Saul’s Upholstery & Drapery will repair product defects at no charge, using new parts. The warranty starts 45 days from the day of USPS delivery. The replacement item assumes the remaining warranty period. Issues stemming from extended exposure to the elements, abrasive solvents/impacts, negligence, unauthorized modification, or acts of God are not covered by the warranty. To obtain warranty service, email us with the issue and we’ll determine the appropriate solution. Since our services are made to order, there are no refunds on custom made seats, pre-cut material ($30 Restocking fee since we cut the fabric needed the day the purchase is made) and pre-ordered seat bases. 

Custom Ebike Seat

After making the payment, we'll get back to you with a work order and the difference in price will be refunded. Within 48 hours, the fabric will be cut for your seat and materials will be prepped. Email us with the following info to minimize turnaround. - Name - Your Shipping Address - Phone Number & Email Address - What Ebike You Have (If Juiced Scrambler, take a picture of the front of the seat. Some are pointy nosed, some are square nosed) - How You Heard About Us - Seat Pattern - Material & Thread Color - Height Choice