How much is the average cost for a couch, chair, barstool, etc.

Without taking a look at the furniture it’s tough to give an exact price. We always recommend sending us a few pictures and a small summary of what you wanted done to our email address: info@saulsupholstery.com and we’ll get back to you with a labor price, yards needed and turnaround time.

Do you provide pickup and delivery?

Yes, we provide pickup and delivery throughout the tri-state area. We offer complimentary pickup and delivery to customers in town.

Do I need to purchase our own fabric?

If you don’t have your own fabric, it’s quite alright! We have a large selection of samples and in-stock fabrics surely to find the best match.

What if I like my fabric, but my cushions are flat?

We can replace your foam from very soft to firm depending on your preference. It’s a common issue our clients have.

Can you make a window cornice from a picture I bring in?

We have made plenty of custom window treatments that are made for each customer’s window dimension. We try our best to make it look exactly as you want it!

Do you fix torn leather?

Unfortunately, we don’t fix leather and we recommend that you replace it. Genuine leather can last many years if maintained well.

Do you fix chair caning?

Yes, we fix all styles of caning and we match it to the original color as best as we can.

Do you fix wobbly furniture?

Even with new furniture, the wood joints can get wobbly over time and we can help them feel sturdy for many years to come.

Do you make clear slipcovers?

Yes, we do provide these for our customers. We make them fitted to your furniture and not loose. Please give us a call for pricing specifics.