Frequently Asked Questions

Upholstery FAQs

Do you do couches?

Yes, we do. We can give you an estimate if you send us some pictures with dimensions at

Can I text you my pictures?

No, I’m sorry, we prefer to keep everything documented by emails.

Do you do plastic slipcovers?

Yes, we do. However, we don’t do it as much as we used to. Were you thinking of getting yellow or transparent?

How much is it for dining room chairs?

To recover the seat cushion, the labor price starts at $85. If it has a back, the labor price starts at $110. Regardless, send us a picture via email for a more accurate estimate. If you wanted to fix the wobble in your chairs, we offer that as well. Starting price for that would be $30 as well.

Can I use my own fabric?

Sure, but there’s a cutting fee. If you want to use your own fabric, you’d have to show us a sample so we can make sure it’s the appropriate fabric for the job (i.e. can’t use curtain fabric for dining room chairs).

Do you use leather?

Yes, we have samples here in the store for you to choose from. We can get you some samples mailed to you, if you’d like.

Is there a discount for 6 or more dining room chairs?

No, I’m sorry.

Do you do car seats?

Yes, but you have to come by the store and show it to us for a more accurate estimate. If you choose to do it, you have to leave your car here on a Sunday morning.

My leather couch is ripped, do you repair that? (due to pet or tear)

Is there a rip in the cushion, or at a seam? If in the middle, can’t fix it. You’d have to replace the whole panel. If it’s a seam, maybe; you’d have to show us pictures or bring in the cushion. Is the cushion removable?

Will you come to my home and do the job here?

Depends on the job. Things like fixing small seams we can do, but other than that, we’d have to see it. Please send us some pictures from afar with dimensions and let us know your address.

Do you do outdoor furniture?

Yes. Send us pics/dimensions.

Do you do patio umbrellas?

Yes, we’ve done work with those. Send pictures.

Can I stop by with my chair/couch/whatever today?

No, I’m sorry, not today. You have to come in, leave a deposit for the fabric, and from there they’ll put you on the schedule.

Can I come right now?

I’ll have Marcia give you a call back.

How long will the job take?

Couch- no less than 2 weeks. Anything smaller, about 2 weeks.

Do you have fabrics there to choose from?

Yes, we have fabrics for all types of jobs. We have some fabrics in stock that are budget friendly, but we have designer fabrics for you to choose from as well.

Do you refinish furniture (on top of already upholstering fabric)?

Yes, however, that’s an additional charge (price depends on piece). You’d need to refinish it before the fabric on it, when it’s just bare wood or else it could stain the fabric.

Do you refinish wood? (Just table/chair alone).


Do you do mattresses?


Do you use fake leather?

Yes, we do.

Do you recover boat seats? What kind of fabric do you recommend for them? Is it waterproof?

Yes we do. We use industrial marine vinyl. Not waterproof, but it’s water resistant. Much better than regular vinyl.

Do you fix caning?


Do you do tufting? (little button looking things)


Do you use finishing nails?


Can you just go over the same fabric with new fabric? (recover it). Why do you not?

No we can’t. We offer a higher quality of our work. Covering it like a bandaid will not fix it.

Do you have any fabric that’s pet resistant?

Yes, we have a microfiber that’s tougher for them to scratch/bite.

Ebike FAQs

Do you make seats for the ____?

Juiced Scrambler/scorpion:
Onyx RCR:
Ariel rider Grizzly/XClass/DClass
Monday motorbikes

Do you also make seats for ____ ? (not name brand above)

Yes, we have common e-bike seats. (check website under “standard e bike seats, if not listed, have them send email).

How tall can you make the seat?

Depends on the seat. Total seat heights are available on each item (guide through site, Ask Saul if not offered on site).

Can you make it shorter?

Yes, make sure to leave us a note in the purchase notes. Click “stock height” but put in purchase notes to make it shorter.

Do you recommend two people for the dual seat?

If the person is small, they might fit, more for small child or pet. We don’t want an adult putting weight onto it.

Which seat would you recommend for two adults?

Long, flat saddle.

Can I get just the back rest/front piece of dual seat?

Yes, use drop down menu (talk through it, under Ariel Rider)

Can you make a curved L shaped back rest?

No, we don’t offer that.

Are the seats weather resistant?

Yes, but in addition we offer a rain and stain coating to protect against water and grit damage for an extra $5.49. Do not submerge it in water and wipe off water when it gets wet.

Is there a warranty?

90 day warranty against any safety defects.

Can you give me this design/shape that’s not on the site?

Send us a pic and we’ll take a look at it.

What’s the difference between low brat and long saddle (stock)?

Low brat is just the name of the outside design, has nothing to do with the height.

Can you make a pocket for Apple tag?

Only for Onyx seat.

How long does it take?

Lead times are 5-8 weeks, but we always aim for sooner. Each package goes out insured and with delivery confirmation. You’ll get a UPS tracking email when it ships. Feel free to reach out after week 5.