Surron™ X / Segway™ Dirt EBike


Get your Surron™ X / Segway™ Dirt Ebike seat customized just how YOU like it!

  • We’ll email you when to mail us your seat to minimize turnaround time.
  • Save on shipping by using minimal packaging. Bubble wrap and box is overkill.
  • Surron Stock Seats can be bought here.
  • Stock Style is one uniform cover. No middle fabric.
  • Cordero Style incl. piping / carbon fiber print top / horizontal lines
  • Warranty / Purchase Terms / Return Policy Found here.
  • High-Res Leather Pics found HERE

Available on backorder

Specify color/text in purchase notes. Upload image in bottom tab for approval.

For Cordero Style, click “None” then specify color in purchase notes.

Heavy-duty silicone coating to prevent water and grit damage.

Found In Item Description

(max file size 2 GB)

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs

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